Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve

Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve is in northwest Nicaragua very close to the city of Esteli and spanning the border between Esteli Department and Leon Department. Its proximity to the city of Esteli makes it a good daytrip if you are looking for something to do while in the northern highlands.

The main ranger station is La Ganarcha and you can hire a guide a get maps of the area. La Ganarcha also is the starting point for many hiking trails and has some cabins available for rent for a reasonable price. The reserve also offers horseback riding, amazing views of the volcanoes in the area, local organic farms, and an impressive bat cave.

One area nearby not to be missed is Estanzuela Falls, which is a gorgeous 65 foor high waterfall (in the rainy season) that offers incredible swimming. You are even able to go behind the waterfall as well as hike to the top of the waterfall for a unique experience. The waterfall is about an hour walk from the small town of Estanzuela.