Rivas Department

Ometepe Volcano Rivas Department is one of fifteen (15) departments and two (2) autonomous regions in Nicaragua. Rivas Department is located in the southwestern portion of Nicaragua and is bordered by Lake Nicaragua on the eastern side and the Pacific Ocean on the west side. It includes a large portion of Lake Nicaragua including Ometepe Island which was formed by the Maderas Volcano and the Concepcion Volcano.

The capital city of Rivas Department is Rivas, which is located along the Pan-American Highway. The city of Rivas is a very short taxi ride away (about 2 miles) from San Jorge , which is a small village on the shores of Lake Nicaragua which has boats rides available to the islands in the lake, including Zapatera Island and Ometepe Island.

San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur Traveling southwest from the city of Rivas is the city of San Juan del Sur, which is a coastal town on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. San Juan del Sur is one of the top tourist destinations in Nicaragua due to its amazing beach, protected harbor, and nearby surfing. Two seasons of the American reality television show Survivor (Season 21 - Survivor Nicaragua and Season 22 - Survivor Redemption Island) were filmed near San Juan del Sur in Rivas Department.