Nicaragua Volcanoes

Nicaragua's volcanoes are part of the famed Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is an area that encircles the Pacific Ocean and contains the majority of the world's volcanoes and earthquakes.

Cerro Negro Volcano

Cerro Negro Volcano Cerro Negro volcano is a very young volcano, but it is also a very active volcano which last erupted in 1999. The loose black volcanic sand from previous lava flows makes sandboarding possible, which is a unique and interesting sport.

Concepcion Volcano

Concepcion Volcano Concepcion Volcano is located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua and along with Maderas Volcano it creates Ometepe Island. Concepcion Volcano is very active unlike its partner Maderas Volcano, and therefore Concepcion is larger and still growing.

Smoke can often be seen rising from the crater of the volcano.

Maderas Volcano

Along with Concepcion Volcano, Maderas Volcano is located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua and helps create Ometepe Island. However, Maderas Volcano has been dormant and has a lake in the middle of its crater.

Masaya Volcano

Masaya Volcano Masaya Volcano is only about 12 miles from Managua and it is a popular Nicaragua tourist attraction because of its proximity to the capital and its natural beauty. Part of its beauty is its lush views of Lake Masaya from atop the volcano.

It is a Caldera type volcano, which means that the center of the volcano has collapsed causing a cauldron-like depression in the middle of the volcano.

Mombacho Volcano

Mombacho Volcano Mombacho Volcano is located in the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve in Granada Department.