Nicaragua Phones

Cell Phones in Nicaragua

Nicaragua's cell phone system utilizes GSM 1900 technology. So, if you have a GSM phone that supports the 1900 band you can either use your phone as is at international rates or if your cell phone is not locked to a specific network, you can purchase a SIM card for your phone and you will have a local cell number and be charged local cell rates. You can usually get your cell phone provider to unlock your phone if you tell them you will be traveling internationally. Both Claro and Movistar provide cell phone service in the country. Claro is run by the old national phone company (ENITEL) that has now been privatized.

Another option is to buy a cell phone locally. Disposable cell phones are quite inexpensive, usually costing about twenty U.S. dollars ($20).

Nicaragua Phone Cards

You can also purchase local prepaid phone cards that can be used at pay phone across the country. The different pay phone systems each have their own phone cards, so pay attention to which type you purchase.

Nicaragua Phone Code

The international calling code to call to Nicaragua is +505. So, to place a call from the U.S. to Nicaragua, dial 011 + 505 + the eight-digit phone number. The 011 is to dial out of the U.S. internationally followed by the country code of Nicaragua.

Emergency and Directory Assistance Numbers

  • Directory Assistance / Information: 113
  • Operator Assistance: 116
  • Police: 118
  • Fire Department: 115 and 120

Nicaragua Internet Phone Dialing

Another popular and inexpensive way to place international phone calls is to use internet phone services (Voice Over IP). So, just find a local internet cafe and ask about how to dial internationally through the computer.