Nicaragua National Parks

Nicaragua has a large number of national parks and Nicaragua Natural Reserves, however the majority of the parks do not have appropriate facilities for tourists. For example most of the parks have no centralized entrance and exits points or park rangers to oversee and manage the park. Most also don't have defined trails or maps for exploring and are thus not really able to be utilized by tourists. However, there are a few national parks that do have good facilities and are great for visiting.

Masaya Volcano National Park

Masaya Volcano National Park has over twelve (12) miles of picturesque trails with park guides available for hire. The features of the park include large expanses of igneous rock (volcanic rock), as well as amazing views overlooking the crater of the volcano. There is also a museum to explore as well as bathroom facilities.

Zapatera Archipelago National Park

Zapatera Archipelago National Park is located in Lake Nicaragua and consists of the Zapatera Island, which is essentially Zapatera Volcano and several islands surrounding it. Most of the crescent-shaped islands surrounding Zapatera Island are old extinct volcanoes with their crater rims rising above the surface of the lake.