Nicaragua Lakes

Nicaragua is home to one of the most impressive lakes in all of Central America, Lake Nicaragua. In addition, it has some man-made lakes as well as some lakes in the craters of the many Nicaragua Volcanoes.

Lake Apanas

Lake Apanas is a man-made lake north of Managua near the city of Jintega. The lake was created when the Mancotal Dam was built in 1964.

Lake Apoyeque

Lake Apoyeque is a crater lake created by the Apoyeque Volcano and is located in the Chiltepe Peninsula Natural Reserve.

Lake Apoyo

Lake Apoyo is a lake located near the city of Granada and has been declared a natural reserve.

Lake Asturias

Lake Asturias is a very small man-made lake that was created in 1985 when the El Dorado Dam was constructed.

Lake Managua

A flight into Managua International Airport provides a great view of Lake Managua, which lies directly north of the capital city of Managua.

Lake Masaya

Lake Masaya is a crater lake formed by the Masaya Volcano and is part of the Masaya Volcano National Park.

Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America and is one of the more scenic areas in all of Nicaragua. With its proximity to the capital, it is a must see for any tourist and provides many options for exploring including of large number of islands.