Nicaragua Holidays

Listed below are the official federal holidays in Nicaragua. Nicaraguan holidays are centered around important political events in Nicaraguan history as well as the Catholic religion. All government offices will be closed on these days in addition to other regional holidays or special decrees by governement officials. The entire week before Easter is known as Holy Week (Semana Santa) and lots of stores and offices close down for the entire week for the celebration.

Date Holiday
Janaury 1 New Year's Day
February 1 Air Force Day
Late March or Early to Mid April Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter
May 1 Labor Day
May 27 Army Day
May 30 Mother's Day
July 19 National Liberation Day
August 1 Fiesta de Santo Domingo
September 14 Battle of San Jacinto
September 15 Independence Day
October 12 Indigenous Resistance Day
November 2 All Souls' Day (Feast of All Souls)
December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 25 Christmas Day
December 31 New Year's Eve