Masaya Volcano National Park

Masaya Volcano National Park has over twelve (12) miles of picturesque trails with park guides available for hire. The features of the park include large expanses of igneous rock (volcanic rock), as well as amazing views overlooking the crater of the volcano. There is also a museum to explore as well as bathroom facilities. Masaya Volcano National Park consists of two volcanoes, Masaya Volcano and Nindiri Volcano, as well as five (5) craters. The five craters are Masaya Crater, San Fernando Crater, Santiago Crater, Nindiri Crater, and San Pedro Crater. The main crater is the Santiago Crater, which is located in between Masaya Volcano and Nindiri Volcano.

Masaya Crater Lake You definitely get a smell of the constantly escaping sulfur and smoke. In addition, ash and soot occassionally spew from the volcanoes. Full blown eruptions are possible as well as random ejections of boulders and lava, so caution is advised. Park signs do advise that you park your car facing the exit, so you can leave quickly. The signs also mention that you should only spend 20 minutes in the crater itself as the gases will irritate your eyes as well as your respiratory tract.

La Cruz de Bobadilla

Bobadilla Cross La Cruz de Bobadilla (the cross of Bobadilla) was named after Father Francisco Bobadilla and is a large cross placed at the rim of the crater. He was trying to exorcize the devil by placing the cross at the lip of what he called La Boca del Infierno (the mouth of hell). Note that the winding stairs leading up to the cross have been closed due to concerns about instability of the ground.

Sendero los Coyotes

Sendero los Coyotes (Coyote Trail) is probably the best hiking trail through Masaya Volcano National Park. Sendero los Coyotes starts at the visitor center and winds its way past the moon-like lava formations eventually arriving at Lake Masaya. Other trails include Las Cuevas trail, El Comalito trail, and Sendero de las Pencas. Las Cuevas trail, leads down to the lava tunnels which is known as Tzinancanostoc Cave (Bat Cave). El Comalito trail runs past Cerro Comalito (Comalito Hill), which is an extinct volcanic cone. You need to purchase a ticket and be accompanied by a guide on the trails.

Masaya Volcano Crater


If you are into geocaching, which is locating predefined caches using a portable GPS device, Masaya Volcano National Park has an easily accessed geocache by the parking lot and park entrance sign. It is located right by the Plaza de Oviedo, Cruz de Bobadilla sign by the parking lot.