Madriz Department

Madriz Department is one of fifteen (15) departments and two (2) autonomous regions in Nicaragua. Madriz Department is located in the northwest portion of Nicaragua and shares a border with Honduras. It doesn't border either the Pacific coast or the Carribean Sea and thus is landlocked.

One of the main tourist attractions in the area is the Tepesomoto-Pataste Natural Reserve, which is located near the city of Somoto. The Grand Canyon of Somoto is located in the Tepesomoto-Pataste Natural Reserve and is a great adventure. Floating down the river running through the canyon looking up at the vegetation and animals along the steep canyon walls is a beautiful and relaxing experience. However, depending on the time of year, the river can be very shallow at points and may require you to walk over rocks in shallow waters. Other parts of the river can be deep, particularly in the rainy season, so you should be prepared to walk and swim portions of the river.

The capital of Madriz Department is the city of Somoto, Nicaragua. The Pan-American Highway runs through the city of Somoto on its way up to Honduras and El Salvador.