Lake Managua

Lake Managua is also known as Lake Xolotlan and is the second largest Lake in Nicaragua. At 395 square miles in size, it is considerably smaller than Lake Nicaragua. The Pan-American Highway runs along the eastern and southern shores of the lake passing through the city of Managua before turning south and going along the shores of Lake Nicaragua before hitting the Costa Rica border.

Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua and the largest city in the country, sits on the southern shores of Lake Managua. The proximity to the capital has helped to cause the lake to get extremely polluted and thus a lot of wildlife has been killed off in the lake. Locals still fish the lake, and eat the fish, but it is recommended to neither swim in the lake or eat fish from the lake.

Boat tours are available and with two natural reserves along its shores, can be quite serene. Lake Managua is connected to Lake Nicaragua via the Tipitapa River.

Lake Managua spans two different Nicaragua Departments; Leon Department and Managua Department.