Granada Department

Granada Department is one of fifteen (15) departments and two (2) autonomous regions in the country of Nicaragua. Granada Department is defined by its Nicaragua National Parks, Nicaragua Natural Reserves, the shoreline of Lake Nicaragua, and the city of Granada.

Granada Department, with its close proximity to the capital and its natural beauty, is one of the top tourist areas within Nicaragua. Granada Department contains Zapatera Archipelago National Park, Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve, and Mecatepe Lagoon Natural Reserve as well as portions of the Tisma Lagoon Natural Reserve.

The capital of Granada Department is the city of Granada, Nicaragua. The city of Granada is a colorful and beautiful city, unlike the city of Managua which is quite bland and uninspiring.

Central Park

Granada Town Square The Central Park (Parque Colon) in the middle of the city of Granada, is a focal point of the city along with the brightly colored yellow Granada Cathedral. Many of the best Granada Hotels in the city surround the plaza which contains various street vendors and street performers as well as horse-drawn carriage rides.

Xalteva Church

Xalteva Church The Xalteva Plaza (Parque Xalteva) on the western side of the city of Granada is adjacent to another impressive structure, the Xalteva Church which is painted a distinctive orange color.