Chinandega Department

Chinandega Department is one of fifteen (15) departments and two (2) autonomous regions in Nicaragua. It is located to the far northwest of the country and borders the country of Honduras as well as the Pacific Ocean.

Chinandega Department contains several nature reserves including the Cosiguina Volcano Natural Reserve, the Estero Real Natural Reserve, the Estero Padre Ramos Natural Reserve, and the San Cristobal-Casita Volcano Natural Reserve. The northwest corner of Nicaragua (and Chinandega Department) have extensive untouched and often deserted beaches that border both the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Fonseca. The nortwest corner is also home to the Cosiguina Volcano Natural Reserve, which is a bit challenging to get to but provides an authentic nature experience with numerous and diverse wildlife without obvious signs of a tourist destination.

The capital of Chinandega Department is the city of Chinandega, which is approximately the fourth or fifth largest city in Nicaragua. It is mostly known for its agriculture and the numerous volcanoes nearby as well as for being the hottest region within Nicaragua. The beach town of Corinto is only about 12 miles away and, although small, is well-equipped for tourists and beach bums.