Granada Nicaragua Nicaragua is a lush and beautiful country in Central America that borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Nicaragua is known as the Land Of Lakes and Volcanoes due to the very large lakes of Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua as well as the forty or so Volcanoes in Nicaragua, of which approximately 6 are considered active volcanoes.

Four tectonic plates meet near the country of Nicaragua and thus earthquakes and volcanoes are quite common. Nicaragua is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is a ring encircling the Pacific Ocean that contains over 75% of the world's volcanoes and over 90% of the world's earthquakes.

Lush Jungle Officially known as the Republic of Nicaragua, the country is roughly 50,337 square miles in size which is roughly the size of the state of Louisiana. Nicaragua has about 565 miles of coastline inclusive of the Pacific coastline and Caribbean Sea coastline. Nicaragua also has the claim to fame of the largest body of freshwater in Central America, Lake Nicaragua.